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Winning Cases with Respect

Courtney S.

If you care about the outcome of your case, be smart and hire this man to represent you. He went to bat for me in a case I would not have won without him on my side. He is extremely knowledgeable about all angles of the law and presents himself well. His gentle guidance of what needs to be done on your part is easily followed. Consider yourself blessed if you are able to have him represent you!


Mr. Rapel is a really professional and experienced lawyer. He listens to clients patiently and respectfully. As a previous client, I believe that Mr. Rapel is passionate about his work and very knowledge of the law. He always responds clients very quickly with valuable information. I’m grateful for Mr. Rapel’s dedication and professionalism, he is a brilliant lawyer!


Jon is always available to answer all my questions. He took care of everything from filing paperwork to being present in court and having the knowledge to get my case dropped!! I 100% recommend him!! I am very happy with his work


I went so many years with warrants hanging over my head. Until I met Mr. Rapel and he assured me that we could handle it in a timely manner with very little possibility of jail time. I had two charges and a probation violation in my mind the outcome didn’t look good! But he turned that around he really knows what he is doing I can’t say enough good about him very prompt and kind. If you are looking for a lawyer this is your guy! I walked away with 5 days community service and a 50 dollar fine.+f&p which is much better than I had assumed. Not to mention we worked out a payment plan Which helped a lot.

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